Northwestern Ontario Environmental Science Education Research Community You have found the homepage of NOESERC. We are an intentional community located in northwestern Ontario that is trying to determine how to live on this planet in a sustainable, self-sufficient, community friendly manner. Sustainability has to be environmental but any community also has to be sustainable socially, economically, and personally as well. Any model that is not complete will ultimately fail Sadly, there are no models that show us how these objectives can be achieved. To figure this out we have to be committed to the only course of study that has shown any ability to find truth: The Scientific Method What kind of economics and politics and agriculture and society with emerge following this methodology with these goals? It is an open question and therefore also an enticing one. Our journey is still at the outset and as such is still quite exciting. We have learned much already but have so much more left to learn. Thank-you for taking the time to read about us. Brad Neufeld. Jan 26, 2022 NOESERC About Projects Support Northwestern Ontario Environmental Science Education Research Community Vision Who We Are Contact Passive Tiny Home Pit Greenhouse Garden Row Birds Yaks Trees Orchard Food Preservation Volunteer Donate Sponsor Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG.