Northwestern Ontario Environmental Science Education Research Community

Here at NOESERC we are committed to several key elements.

Northwestern Ontario: This is where we live. Where the ground is usually rock or clay, where winter temperatures range down to -30c, where half the year can have snow cover, where lakes and water proliferate. It is a rugged terrain, yet very rewarding for those brave enough to venture into it. There is incredible biodiversity as it is on the intersection of northern and southern plants and animals. One does not have to look very hard to find astounding beauty.

Environmental: Developing sustainable, ecologically sound ways of living on this planet is the single most important challenge facing humanity today. It is our intention to develop methods that not only work for northwestern Ontario, but which may have broader utility beyond.

Science: The scientific method is a way of critically examining our ideas and putting them to the test to see if they have merit or not. It is through the use of this method that all of our progress in understanding has occurred and it is through use of this method that we will continue to learn and develop.

Education: Another primary goal is education. The most interesting discovery in the world will not have any use if it is not shared.

Research: It is impossible to predict the impact that new knowledge will have. As such, we are dedicated to furthering our understanding in any way that we are able.

Community: The purpose of all of these endeavours is to form lasting communities where people are able to reach their individual potential and also communities which can support each other as needed.

These then are the goals of NOESERC. It is no small task but one that is both necessary and entered with delight. It is time for people to take direct control of their lives and take direct action in building the future that they wish to see. NOESERC is our own small attempt. We are also happy to connect with any communities that share our fundamental values.



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